MAKING IT HAPPEN FOR WOMEN IN CAPITAL MARKETS (Taking the “wolf” out of Wall Street)

Making it easier for women to have fulfilling careers in a traditionally male dominated work environment is a priority for National Bank’s Financial Markets division.


 Candidate selection

Among the major banks, National Bank Financial Markets’ recruitment policy is unique:  “We’ve committed to a target of hiring 50% women each year, and have successfully realized this goal for the past three years in a row,” advises Susan Monteith, National Bank’s Head of Client Strategy and Employee Development, Financial Markets Division.


Evolving role models

Bridging the gender gap means overcoming stereotypes and pre-conceived notions about the trading floor culture.  Speaking from her early career experience at Wood Gundy, Susan Monteith recalls being the first professional woman in the company to go on maternity leave.


Career support

Only an estimated 8% of women in the Canadian capital markets workforce have the senior title of Managing Director. To help offset this gap and encourage university women to consider a career in capital markets, National Bank has developed the Women in Financial Markets Scholarship, offering both financial and senior mentoring support. In addition, a one year training program for all new recruits assures that all trainees have exposure to the various departments within the Financial Markets division, so they can see the full range of job possibilities.


Expert advice

As one of the founding members of the Women in Capital Markets Association, a non-profit organization for women in the industry, Ms. Monteith’s advice for women interested in a capital markets career is three-fold: proactively seek out support networks (like WCM), be visible in your workplace by taking on assignments where you can show leadership, and don’t give up because in every career there are highs and lows, and it’s worth it to push through the tough times.



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